Sports Comment: The deadline approach NFL

What will be as if it must to watch football in the last months of 2011 and the first months of the year 2012?

Unfortunately, if the owner of the NFL and the players do not contain a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) before, on 3 March NFL fans across the country to witness the arrest NFLS play for the first time since 1987. With little progress in talks between the union of the NFL Players (NFLPA) and the owners of the league, it seems almost inevitable that we on the edge of our seats throughout the summer, wondering if our team goes on the field from September .

The disagreement between the NFLPA and owners disturbing the league is to discuss whether it should be at least 18 regular season games instead of 16 regular games are planned.

The owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell seem convinced that the NFL will benefit from it when the season is extended to 18 games, the fans offers more of what they want, and of course more sales.

However, Goodell also stressed the importance of the safety of the players last year, what kind of situation. If Goodell is all for the safety of the players, they would not press for two games on it, the players must give everything. Last season the New Orleans Saints slipped their fifth string running back in the playoffs, they put at a disadvantage. In a sport of high-touch, adding more games is none other than the care of player safety. It takes no genius to know.

Despite the pressure may be surprised for 18 games most of his arguments, each collective agreement is to be done on the revenue and brand owners pay the players. NFL reach 9 billion in sales last year, and income distribution seems to be the main point of disagreement between the two parties. It seems that the owners demand a greater share of revenue from the previous detailed ABC, which apparently meeting strong resistance from the NFLPA.

Since the pages are so marked differences, have agreed to the NFLPA and owners, a retailer in the U.S. Congress on the messenger, who must be both sides. Yesterday, the Ombudsman and was rather pessimistic about the negotiations say that there is some progress, but not enough to make an offer until the end of the week when the owners or the players will be locked or decertify union player. This would prevent the owners lock the players and essentially continue the season.

In addition to declaring the grave of the mediator, we did not talk a lot on both sides of the debate is, has probably done because of all the publicity the media already. People are hearing that the negotiations were contentious, or that the two sides closer than they were last week tired.
Therefore, in this month of football if football is blocked? Major League Baseball would certainly be happy because the MLB playoffs during the midpoint of the NFL season, which will undoubtedly increase the number of spectators formed. For the fan who loves the contact, you may need to adjust some Arena Football League, or perhaps do other sports like hockey.

Not just a lock, a major problem for the fans, but obviously has a greater effect on players. Coaches are allowed to stay in touch with someone from his team in an accident, the responsibility of the preseason practices, the captains of their teams. Last year, the New York Jets quart Mark Sanchez has a camp for the Jets to the West, in California organized, that its recipients to know he better off in an effort to continue to grow in the air.

Depending on the length of the lock is the rookie class have the signature of the large salaries, the wait is always a high risk of failure. In addition, those free agents are almost certain to be a signed annual contracts because it is a shorter period of free agent will be reached in an agreement. Blocking the NFL could be the greatest achievement in the sport, because LeBron James has decided to take his talent to South Beach. Not only that, but the NBA and MLB also appear on the new CBA's time to work, and seems not too optimistic that the NBA is in compliance with any combination of financial terms.

Heres hoping to not have to eat our chips and salsa to watch the first season of Roseanne, instead of a week of the NFL regular season.


In midst of labor strife, NFL scouting combine remains all systems go

It is either the NFL's penultimate act before a prolonged work stoppage or the run-up to a glorious 2011 on the heels of a Super Bowl that was symbolic of everything the league has come to represent.
With the players union and ownership haggling over the best way to divide a multibillion dollar pie and no collective bargaining agreement in place, only two events are carved in stone on the NFL docket:
The scouting combine starts Thursday at Lucas Oil Stadium, and the draft is scheduled for April 28.
After that, it's the great unknown.
Super Bowl XLV was a testament to the NFL brand of socialism, with Green Bay beating Pittsburgh 31-25 in a battle of small market teams playing in the Taj Mahal of NFL stadiums before the most viewers (162.9 million) in the history of U.S. television.
The NFL's hold on the public exceeds the playing of an actual game, with the 2010 draft bringing in 45.4 million viewers on the NFL Network and ESPN.
Perhaps even more remarkable is that last year's combine, dubbed the "Underwear Olympics" by the website Profootballtalk.com, had four million viewers -- over four days -- more than ESPN gets in a week (three games) of actual regular-season baseball The "must-see" TV covers an event where 330 players test themselves in six drills designed to highlight speed and strength, participate in interview sessions with teams and the media, take physical examinations and

be tested for drugs and steroids.
The wise approach is for teams to use the combine as a tool to supplement their evaluation of tape as well as actual football skill exhibited at the Senior Bowl. Mistakes are made when combine testing moves front and center and overshadows the actual playing of the game.
Some things to watch and consider in a week where a stopwatch or a few extra bench press reps can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars to those involved:
Rumblings of a boycott to show support for the union were shot down by NFLPA spokesman George Atallah and weren't realistic to begin with.
Most players prepare for combine tests through training financed by agents, who aren't about to then advise them to sit it out after forking out all the dough to get them ready.
Forty-Niners coach Jim Harbaugh and Raiders coach Hue Jackson go to their first combine in charge.
It will be the second look at many of the athletes for Jackson, who went to Mobile, Ala., for the Senior Bowl. The Raiders aren't scheduled to pick until the second round, No. 48 overall, trading their first-round pick to New England for Richard Seymour in 2009.
Harbaugh raised some eyebrows when he bypassed the Senior Bowl to immerse himself in all things 49ers, but does have background from his days as a Stanford recruiter. The 49ers will be looking hard at quarterbacks, cornerbacks and pass rushers at No. 7 overall.
Harbaugh will be well-versed in four of his former Cardinal players at the combine -- fullback Owen Marecic, nose tackle Sione Fua, wide receiver Ryan Whalen and running back Richard Sherman -- all of whom could go in the fourth round or later come draft day.
Cal defensive end Cameron Jordan looks to be the lone Bay Area player who will be a first-round draft choice, having seen is stock soar in the Senior Bowl. He's joined in Indianapolis by running back Shane Vereen, linebacker Mike Mohamed and defensive back Chris Conte.
Cam Newton of Auburn is the latest physical freak quarterback from a Southeastern Conference school to face the combine dissection process.
JaMarcus Russell in 2007, then a relatively svelte 265 pounds and coming off a spectacular Sugar Bowl performance against Notre Dame, did nothing to dissuade the Raiders from taking him No. 1 overall even though he sat out most of the drills.
Last year, Florida's Tim Tebow took on all drills and challenges and recovered from a poor Senior Bowl week, doing enough to impress former Denver coach Josh McDaniels to take him in the first round at No. 25 overall.
Russell is out of football, one of the colossal busts in NFL history. Tebow's future in Denver would appear to be on shaky ground with McDaniels out of the picture.
With the labor uncertainty as a backdrop, expect the local teams (as well as the other 32 teams) to proceed the as they always have.
"If you're headed into uncertainty," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock told reporters by conference call, "I think it's just business as usual."


Albert Haynesworth alleged to have sexually assaulted a waitress

D.C. police are investigating an allegation that Washington Redskins defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth sexually assaulted a waitress in a D.C. hotel over the weekend, a source within the department said Monday.
Haynesworth's agent, Chad Speck, confirmed that his client was the subject of the complaint but denied the 29-year-old defensive tackle is guilty of any wrongdoing.
"There seems to be no truth to these allegations," Speck said in an email. "We are currently evaluating facts and considering our own legal action against those involved."
When reached for comment, Redskins senior vice president Tony Wyllie said, "This is the first I have heard about this. We are gathering further information."
According to the police report, a waitress at the W Hotel stated that her hands were full as she cleared a table Haynesworth was sitting at around 1:30 a.m. Sunday.
The report said Haynesworth, identified as Subject 1, tried to give the waitress his credit card and asked if he could place it in her blouse. The waitress nodded, and Haynesworth placed the card into her blouse and began caressing her breast, the report says.
While Haynesworth is not named in the report, the police department source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Subject 1 referred to the Redskins lineman. The report, which was filed at 5:15 a.m. Sunday, describes the suspect as a "heavy/fat/stocky" black male with a goatee, and about 6-feet-6 or 6-feet-7.
Charges have yet to be filed, as the investigation is ongoing, police said. The allegation was first reported Monday by WRC Channel 4.The accusation is the latest negative development for Haynesworth, whom the Redskins suspended without pay for the final four games of the season in December, citing conduct detrimental to the team.
On Saturday, he was formally charged with assault in connection with an alleged road rage incident that took place on the Fairfax County Parkway in Reston on Feb. 2. A driver accused Haynesworth of hitting him while he was sitting in his car. Haynesworth was scheduled to appear in court on March 31.
At the completion of his suspension, Haynesworth reported to Redskins Park on Jan. 3 to take a mandatory physical, but he refused to meet with Coach Mike Shanahan.
The Redskins are expected to try to trade Haynesworth if a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is reached between NFL owners and the NFL Players Association.